Account Duration

•After submission of fee we will provide you a account containing email and password through you will be able to log in to our Forces Academy LMS App.
•This account will work only on one device through which you log in first , so be careful in selection of Phone.
•Logging out of account is not allowed, if you logged out your session will get expire so there is no need to log out.
•Once you log in from a device than you will be able to use your account from that device means you cannot change your device.
•If you have any issue in phone or account contact our admin branch through Phone Call
•Telenor Admin Contact Number: 0348-1154174

Account Duration

•Your account will remain active for a particular course only and if the course ended your account will get expire automatically
•For example: if you buy our course for PMA 148 LC Initial Test , then you will be able to watch this course till your Initial Test and after your Initial Test your account will get expire means you will not be able to use it for next course.
•However if you want to update your subscription for next course also special concession 0f 30% will be for you.

Terms and Conditions

Downloading video lectures or any content from the platform is strictly Not allowed. Further note that password sharing, viewing lectures on someone else’s password, distributing content or its facilitation in any form ( either  commercially or non-commercially ) via any media is ILLEGAL and punishable under Pakistan’s Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016 and its punishment will be


(Up to 2 years imprisonment or Rs.500k penalty or both)

Please be mindful that it is not just against the law, code of ethics but also HARAM in our religion as it is an ACT OF THEFT (like an other theft of properly).

Any individual found guilty:

•Will be reported to FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) and case will be made against him or her.

•Registration cancellation request will be submitted to the relevant instructor and his admission will be cancelled with no refunding of fees.
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